Top 3 Common Financial Problems in Business and their Solutions

Whether you have invested a huge capital for your business or just started working on your start-ups, some common ‘business problems’ will always hit your nerves. These issues may seem to be quite simple in the beginning, but some of those can have a severe impact on your business operations in the long run.

Planning may be the critical starting point for your business, but things will never be the same as you have expected. A few ups and downs are quite common scenarios for any company. To make sure those do not hit you hard, you will need constant financial advice too.

So, here we are! The experts of small business accounting in Parramatta, associated with Hansung Accounting & Taxation Services will highlight you some of those common issues keep on popping up in your business where you will definitely need them.

Read on to find out.

Issue 1: Fluctuation in Business Expense

That’s a big issue, especially for small business organisations. And, if left unattended, this issue will gradually grasp your profit margin, pushing you towards debt.

Our Advice:

  • Take a close look at the suppliers. Are they charging you right or you can actually get a better supplier?
  • When you are falling out of the track, control your discounts for a while.
  • Refrain from the advance payment policy.
  • Update your financial management calendar with the recent fluctuations for a quick solution.
  • Take a bank loan for managing your financial crisis at some point (never go for a high amount!)

Issue 2: Inconsistent Cash Flow

Inconsistency in cash flow can also hit you quite hard. It is the lifeline of your business running and always remember that only a smooth cash flow can ensure the growth of your business.

Our Advice:

  • Has your debt collection process become stagnant at this point? Get it started again for smooth cash flow.
  • Don’t hold your stock for too long. If you are running a service-based business, you need to make sure a particular service is not being held for too long as when the work becomes stagnant, so as your earning is.
  • Make sure you keep on updating your books with the help of professional bookkeeping services in Sydney who will guide you throughout the process.

Issue 3: Unstable Australian Dollars

Over time, instability in Australian dollars has left a strong impact on the small and medium business enterprises all over the country. And, it is something that is not in your hands to take control.

Well, it varies. Those who are in importing business will certainly feel happy about the rise in AUD. However, for the exporters, it will become tough to deal with without compromising on the profit margin.

So, the following advice from our part is directed to the exporters.

Our Advice:

  • It’s all about a sound financial strategy. As the business owner, you will always have to prepare as early as possible before the instability affects you in any way.
  • Get a clear understanding of how much profit you have made in different export markets. Considering the varying amount, you have to either stick to your strategy or consider changing it.
  • Also, it is advised to assess the demands of the export customers so that you can start adding value to your products so that you can ask for a better export price later on and beat the profit crunches because of currency fluctuations.


In addition to these mentioned issues, fluctuating interest rates or changes in the tax and business rules can prove to be quite problematic for a business to rise. However, things can always be dealt with when one gets the required financial consultation from adept financial advisors like Hansung Accounting & Taxation Services at the right time. Keep yourself ready for the issues and overcome it for optimum business growth in the coming years.

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